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In response to: Active Directory - account lockout monitor

Matt C. [Visitor]
The list of locked accounts works successfully upon loading the software, however, the refresh function yields an empty list of locked accounts. Once refreshed, the list becomes empty, but the first selectable locked account is still displayed in the text area.

If this could be fixed, and a modular option be added to disallow the unlock-all button (this 99.99% of the time a bad thing), this would be a supremely useful tool for Service Desks all over the place. I have one last feature request - the ability to add multiple domain controllers. Other than that, great little tool!
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In response to: Installing the new 'Java Stack'

Mike [Member]
Here are the commands you will most likely need for your application server:

asadmin start-domain #this essentially starts the server
asadmin stop-domain #this essentially stops the server
asadmin deploy [filename] #deploys an application by the console
adadmin undeploy [appname] #removes the application

aadmin help #shows the HUGE list of commands supported by asadmin
asadmin [command] help #for a more detailed look at command.
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